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About Me

My interests in art started in the middle school which led me to study fine art in high school for two years. However, my rational side of brain communicated myself to pursue my college education in Interior Architecture and master’s degree in Marketing Communications. Reasonably, I spent 20 years of my career in design and marketing fields. However, I always remembered that one day I will return to art.

Trying to pick up where I left, I start from classical art training by taking online classes, tutorials, workshops, and classes at College of San Mateo. I attend workshops taught by Jon DeMartin, Michael Klein, Zhaoming Wu, Kamille Corry, Daniel Keys, Justin Wood, Lindsey Kustusch, and Zoey Frank. I also study weekly class with Steve Forster, Noah Buchannan, Sadie Valeri, Zin Lim, and Elizabeth Zanzinger and paint with several art groups regularly.

I am amazed by the power of a drawing or a painting possess. It conveys deeper meaning that our eyes can perceive. No matter how mundane an object is, art provides us an opportunity to interpret things differently. As an artist, our medium (charcoal/graphite/brush) and point of view create a perspective of experience and fleeting moments through a painting. When I see still life, landscapes, or figurative, I try to depict the emotional connection reflected in my mind. My goal is to translate the beauty of nature and simplicity of subjects through the form, light and brush strokes harmoniously.



May 2023 - The Portrait Society of America, 25th International Portrait Competition, Certificates of Excellence

Selected Exhibitions

January 2018 - Group exhibition at Twin Pines art center, Belmont CA
March 2019 - CSM World Water Day art student group show, San Mateo CA
October 2019 - Emeryville Art Exhibition, Emeryville CA

October 2020- Emeryville Art Exhibition, Virtual Exhibition

August 2021 - Modern Eaden Gallery, The Art of Art Show, San Francisco CA

October 2021 - Emeryville Art Exhibition, Emeryville CA

August 2022 - O'Hanlon Art Center, Artists Making Their Mark, CA

August 2022 - Arts Benicia, Contemporary Figurative Art Show, Benicia CA

October 2022 - Emeryville Art Exhibition, Emeryville CA

November 2022 - Easy Bay Open Studio Group Show, El Cerrito CA

April 2023 - Bedford Gallery, The Face Group Show, Walnut Creek CA

May 2023 - Easy Bay Open Studio Group Show, El Cerrito CA

November 2022 - Easy Bay Open Studio Group Show, El Cerrito CA

Capturing the moments of object and color wows my heart

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