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About Me

My passion for art began in middle school, and I pursued it in high school by studying fine art for two years. However, when it came time for college, I listened to the rational side of my brain and chose to study Interior Architecture, followed by Marketing Communications in graduate school. Over the next 20 years, I built a successful career in design and marketing, but I never forgot my love of art. When I moved to the Bay Area in 2016, I decided to return to my artistic roots and started taking online classes, tutorials, and in-person workshops.


Trying to pick up where I left, I start from classical art training by taking online classes, tutorials, workshops, and classes at College of San Mateo. I attend workshops taught by Jon DeMartin, Michael Klein, Zhaoming Wu, Kamille Corry,  Zoey Frank, etc. I also study weekly class with Steve Forster, Noah Buchannan, Sadie Valeri, Zin Lim, and Elizabeth Zanzinger and paint with several art groups regularly.

What fascinates me about art is its ability to communicate deeper meanings that go beyond what our eyes can see. Even the most mundane objects can be interpreted in different ways through art. As an artist, I strive to capture the fleeting moments and emotional connections I perceive when I see still life, landscapes, or figurative subjects. My medium, whether it's charcoal, graphite, or brush, and my point of view allow me to create a unique perspective that translates the beauty of nature and simplicity of subjects into harmonious form, light, and brushstrokes.

Chiachen Wang holds a BFA in Interior Architecture from Taipei, Taiwan, and an MS in Marketing Communications from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Despite her passion for art, she initially pursued a career in design and marketing after completing her studies. However, after building a successful career, Chiachen felt called to return to her artistic roots. She began taking online classes, tutorials, and in-person workshops to further develop her skills. Through these experiences, Chiachen has studied traditional drawing and painting from life at classical ateliers with renowned artists and living masters. Her dedication to her art paid off in March 2023 when her painting was awarded a Certificate of Excellence at The Portrait Society of America's 25th International Portrait Competition, out of over 3,000 entries.



March 2023 - The Portrait Society of America, 25th International Portrait Competition, Certificates of Excellence

Selected Exhibitions

​May 2023 - Easy Bay Open Studio Group Show, El Cerrito CA
April 2023 - Bedford Gallery, The Face Group Show, Walnut Creek CA
November 2022 - Easy Bay Open Studio Group Show, El Cerrito CA
October 2022 - Emeryville Art Exhibition, Emeryville CA
August 2022 - Arts Benicia, Contemporary Figurative Art Show, Benicia CA
August 2022 - O'Hanlon Art Center, Artists Making Their Mark, CA
October 2021 - Emeryville Art Exhibition, Emeryville CA
August 2021 - Modern Eden Gallery, The Art of Art, San Francisco CA
October 2020- Emeryville Art Exhibition, Virtual Exhibition
October 2019 - Emeryville Art Exhibition, Emeryville CA
March 2019 - CSM World Water Day art student group show, San Mateo CA
January 2018 - Group Show at Twin Pines art center, Belmont CA

Capturing the moments of object and color wows my heart

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